Already in place in around 75 locations, the new model will make changes to roles and responsibilities, emphasizing accountability, skill improvement, and teamwork. They want something they can own and to know if they are winning or losing every day. Walmart has also begun implementing robots to fulfill certain tasks like cleaning floors and sorting deliveries, though the retailer claims the robotic additions will not replace human employees.

The new model will impact top store managers to the lowest level employees. Pay raises will be given to some hourly and salaried supervisors, who will take on more leadership responsibility, while lower-level employees will receive more training, additional support, and better recognition for good work.

Multiple blue stars can be traded in for a silver star, and multiple silver stars can be traded in for a gold. Gold star earners will be rewarded by leadership, with a lunch with the Store Manager, according to company documents.

This system was not instantly beloved by all, as the news source reports that some employees found the star system to be childish. Team meetings are addressed in the Great Workplace plan, dictating that meetings are to begin with Walmart company cheer before moving on to discuss assigned work and review sales data.

The new Great Workplace model is planned to expand to certain departments in more than 50 of its massive Supercenter locations in June. How will employees respond to Great Workplace? Will it result in an increase in sales and customer satisfaction, or will it lead to worker disillusionment? AndNowUKnow will continue to report.

Skip to main content. Volume :. Stay in the know, subscribe to our weekday newsletter:. Earth Fare Leases Sold to 10 Companies. Have a new productpress release or story idea? Let us know.Walmart is planning to cut over 1, corporate jobs, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday citing sources.

The layoffs, expected to be completed by Jan. Walmart, the country's largest private employer, has 1. The news comes a day after a whirlwind Thursday for Walmart, when it announced in the morning it would be boosting its starting wagejust hours before news began to trickle out it was closing certain Sam's Clubs stores. The company confirmed the store closures by Thursday evening. In all, more than 60 Sam's Club stores are closing. Meantime, Walmart is also shaking up its management workforceaccording to a report by Bloomberg.

The report said the retailer is planning to remove about 3, store co-managers and adding 1, assistant store managers. The latter is a slightly lower-paid role.

Walmart, like many retailers, is attempting to reorient itself to a new retail landscape in which store footprints are out of sync of shoppers.

It is also battling e-commerce giant Amazonwhose advanced investment in technology helps it leapfrog traditional stores' profit margins.

It has sought to make its store more profitable by pouring money into shelf-scanning robots and cashier-replacing capabilities. More broadly, it has also looked to redefine itself as a digital company, even planning to drop the word "stores" from its name. These efforts have been propelled by its acquisition of Amazon-competitor Jet. A Walmart spokesperson said, "As we've previously stated, we've been looking at our structure for some time as we explore ways to operate more effectively.

We continue to do that but are not going to comment on rumors and speculation. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services. All Rights Reserved. Data also provided by. Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. Key Points. Walmart is planning to cut jobs, according to media reports. Citing sources, the Wall Street Journal said, it would eliminate 1, corporate jobs.

Separately, Bloomberg reported the retailer is also shaking up its management workforce. VIDEO Digital Original.

Related Tags. News Tips Got a confidential news tip? We want to hear from you. Get In Touch. CNBC Newsletters. Market Data Terms of Use and Disclaimers.Authorities are investigating a social media post threatening the "biggest mass shooting in modern American history" at a Walmart store in Kansas City, according to Kansas City Police Detective Robert Jorgenson.

The threat was posted this week to Reddit by someone claiming to have two AR semi-automatic weapons and 22 pipe bombs, according to a copy of the threat viewed by Business Insider. The post's author said they are from Independence. They claimed to be planning an imminent attack with a "friend" and said a "large note" on their phones would reveal information about their motives. Read more : Walmart workers grapple with heightened fears in the aftermath of deadly shootings.

Jorgenson said he could not provide information on whether a suspect has been identified or any other details while the investigation is ongoing. The Kansas City Police Department has assigned off-duty officers to local Walmart stores for added security as the investigation continues, he said. A Walmart spokeswoman told Business Insider the company was aware of the post and has been "in close contact" with stores.

A police officer stands next to a police cordon after a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso Reuters. The threat comes after shootings at two Walmart stores last week that killed at least 24 people in El Paso, Texasand Southaven, Mississippi. In a post to Facebook on Friday evening, the Kansas City Police Department said it was getting "a ton" of messages regarding the social media threat.

Thank you for your vigilance. The department posted an update on Saturday that said: "As of this morning we are working closely with the FBI and other law enforcement partners to investigate this threat and vet the information that is being developed.

Thank you to everyone that has been keeping an eye out and alerting us to this concerning post. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

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It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

Hayley Peterson. The Kansas City Police Department has assigned off-duty officers to local Walmart stores as the investigation continues. Walmart told Business Insider it is aware of the threat and has added additional security.

Walmart Restructures Store Management and Operations

Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Update: So, these leaks were all true See below E3 is just around the corner but some of the biggest announcements from gaming's biggest event may have just been leaked.

All of these announcements would make waves at their respective E3 press conferences, so this leak could have a huge impact. If such major titles are going to be announced soon then E3 would be the place to do so. E3 has been the gaming world's largest convention for over 20 years takes place next month in Los Angeles from June 12 through Several key companies hold press conferences before the show begins including Bethesda, Electronic Arts who will be showing the new BattlefieldMicrosoft, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

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While this news is certainly exciting, it's worth mentioning that none of the games had non-placeholder dates or box-arts displayed.

The names are simply all of the information that is available at this time. It's likely that several of the leaks wind up being real, as it's never much of a shock when a staple gaming franchise gets a new sequel.

walmart reddit rumors

Oddly enough, no rumored Doom 2. Hey WalmartCanada here are a few notes. All of the listings have been taken down since being originally spotted, so it's entirely possible that someone was adding potential E3 announcements to their database early. Only time will tell if these listings wind up being real or a bust, but the good news is that gamers won't have to wait long to separate fact from fiction.

E3 is just around the corner, and press conferences will begin taking place in early June. Until then, players can place their bets on which rumors will pan out. Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Game News splinter cell assassin's creed forza just cause 3 gears of war 4 gears of war 5 just cause 4 borderlands 3 rage 2.Some Walmart employees are fearful that the company is spying on their social-media activity after a worker was fired this week for anonymous Reddit postings. The fired employee was a regular contributor to a highly active Walmart-focused forum on Reddit with more than 54, subscribers.

He was fired on Monday for sharing confidential information, including internal company documents about a new Walmart initiative called "great workplace" that is being tested in some stores. The employee announced his termination on Monday in a post on Reddit that advised Walmart workers to "be mindful" of the company's confidentiality policy.

He said the firing was "entirely" his fault and that Walmart officials presented him with printouts of his Reddit profile during a meeting before his termination. Read more : Walmart is trying to rally workers around gold stars and 'attitude cards' as part of a massive store-level shakeup. When contacted by Business Insider, the employee confirmed the details of his firing and asked to remain anonymous. Walmart said it supports its employees, which the company refers to as associates, sharing their opinions.

walmart reddit rumors

The firing has ignited fears among some Walmart workers that the company is watching what they post online and could retaliate against them. It has also sparked a crush of calls for worker unionization that have flooded the Walmart Reddit forum within the past three days. Walmart cracking down and holding people responsible for what they say in their free time — it's almost a violation of our first amendment, to free speech and the right to assemble.

Deep down, we all know Walmart is too big for anything to happen to, so we just have to deal with it. While some people are deleting their Reddit accounts and scrubbing their post histories, others are rallying for unionization in response to the firing.

What the fired employee shared on Reddit "didn't fall exactly under whistleblower [protections], but he was offering transparency, which a lot of people really want," this person said.

Walmart is reportedly planning to cut over 1,000 corporate jobs

Several workers said they wanted Walmart to do a better job at communicating new policies to store-level employees, so they didn't have to turn to Reddit for information. Another employee said: " Everything I have learned about Walmart has come from Reddit.

It's unclear at this point whether any of the hundreds of comments about unionization posted online within the past several days will gather steam beyond Reddit.

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Four workers said the calls might not go anywhere because of fears that Walmart could retaliate against people for unionization efforts through measures such as calling the company's labor hotline, firing them, or closing their stores. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders. It often indicates a user profile.

Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Hayley Peterson. Now, some Walmart employees are fearful that the company is spying on their social-media activity. The firing has also sparked calls for unionization.

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Walmart said it supports employees' rights to share their opinions and give feedback, but takes seriously any sharing of confidential information. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.Walmart just announced its most recent earnings report, and the results have people talking. But it's another statistic that's most impressive:. Walmart's U. McMillon took over as Walmart's chief executive in February For one thing, he felt the company wasn't doing enough to compete with Amazon.

The attitudes of consumers were changing, with more and more people shopping online. Additionally, many stores looked run down, and the shopping experience was lacking. Processes were old and broken, and employees lacked motivation. In McMillon's view, while Walmart appeared to be in great shape, in reality it was sick--suffering from the disease of complacency. The new CEO knew changes were needed. Investors thought McMillon was crazy.

The stock price dropped to its lowest amount in years. But fast forward, and the plan seems to be working. Additionally, Walmart spent millions acquiring niche clothing retailer Bonobos and online footwear outlet ShoeBuy now rebranded as Shoes. After completing an order at home, a customer can come into the store and use the Walmart app to retrieve their items from the Pickup Tower.

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Walmart also features pickup discounts for certain items purchased online. And some stores give customers the option to order groceries online, which they can then pick up in the store or have delivered. It's not easy to pull off major change in a public company, especially when most shareholders are happy with the status quo.

But by identifying the rapidly changing retail landscape, McMillon had the vision not only to see that Walmart could do better, but that in order to survive, it had to. Here are just a few initiatives Walmart has already announced or implemented:. Like this column? Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. The opinions expressed here by Inc.Are you a member of the media? Media Relations is unable to respond to inquiries that are not from working journalists.

Read more about our efforts. Each day at select pickup store locations, the hour from 7 to 8 a. Customers are relying on us to….

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Contact Media Relations. Call from 8am to pm Central, Monday-Friday. Follow us for the latest news Walmart Inc. We All Count. Help shape the future of your community by participating in the Census Your Courage on the Front Lines. As I was walking into the vestibule of one of our Supercenters in Burlington, North Carolina yesterday, two separate customers stopped in their tracks, looked me in the eye to make sure I was paying attention, and expressed….

walmart reddit rumors

While shareholders will be able to attend the meeting online, there will…. In this taxing and uncertain time, our associates have gone above and beyond to help Americans get the food, medicine and supplies they need. Add to Calendar. FY Q2 Earnings Release. FY Q3 Earnings Release.

FY Q4 Earnings Release.

walmart reddit rumors

View All Events. But in Walmart Storeone day a year, you have the opportunity to see the colors, and the pride, of the flags of more than 30 diverse nations. You are Making a Difference. Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence visited our Distribution Center in Gordonsville, Virginia, and I was privileged to be there with him as he met associates and addressed everyone.

Walmart is testing ways to trim the size of its store management staff

I want to share part of his message to our team…. March 31, As our company and country continue to deal with the spread of COVID, we remain focused on the health and safety of our associates….

Did you know? Around the world, over 2. In the U. More About Careers. Next Page. View All Media. Latest Media. Walmart Store Exterior at Night. View Download. Social Distancing Signage on Floor. Social Distancing Signage at Checkout.

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Plexiglass Barrier at Checkout. Plexiglass Barrier at Checkout 2. Pickup Signage in Parking Lot. Latest Photos.

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